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VIENNA with a touch of Slovakia

VIENNA with a touch of Slovakia


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Visiting :


Vienna, Salzburg, Prater, Melk, Krems,

Durnstein, Heiligenkreuz, Mayerling,

Vienna Woods, Bratislava...




Enjoy the Viennese charm when you visit the capital of Austria, Vienna.
The capital has much to offer and a coach trip will cover all tourists’ attractions.
You will be taken to all the dominating buildings amongst them the Rathaus, the Parliament Building,   Hofburg Palace, Belvedere Palace and St.
Stephen’s Cathedral.  On another day you will visit    the  magnificent Schönbrunn Palace and the amazing surrounding grounds.
If you so wish, you can expand your knowledge of the Royals by also visiting Hofburg Palace.
Alternatively, you can indulge in a shopping spree or just relax and enjoy the historical city, while sipping a coffee or two.
 Whatever option you pick, do not tire yourself too much as the evening will offer you the opportunity to go on the Giant Ferris Wheel at Wiener Prater.



Your journey will continue to the enchanting city of Salzburg.  Look out for Mozart’s residence in Geyreidgasse and roam around in the narrow streets of the Old Town  and every now and then find yourself in large squares, all of them with buildings to marvel at and  where in one of them lies the imposing Cathedral.
Lift up your eyes to the left of the Cathedral and be faced with the Fortress, a must visit if you really want to be amazed by the bird’s eye view of the city below.  Leave the beautiful city of Salzburg behind you but not before you pay a visit to Mirabelle Gardens where you will definitely be reminded of the film ‘The Sound of Music’.


Leave the city life behind you and start travelling towards the Burgen Alps, particularly to Mariazell, well renouned for pilgrimages.  Save your prayers for the miraclous Madonna whose statue stands in the famous Basilica.  Be adventurous and take the cable car up to the top and enjoy the splendid view of the Burgen Alps and the underlying lakes, one of which, Lake Erlaufsee, you will be able to enjoy closely, later on in the day.


A must see is the Wachau Valley and rest assured that the journey will be one to remember passing through and visiting the quaint villages.
Your first stop will be at Krems, a medieval town, home to nice and colourful historical buildings.
Dürnstein is next on the menu, also a small town on the Danube River, and very popular for its wine.
The third visiting town is that of  Melk with its imposing Benedictine Abbey which you will have time to explore if you so wish.


Your travels to Slovakia will take you right to the capital of Bratislava, where you will visit the Castle which holds spectacular views from different angles of the Castle’s grounds.
You will have the opportunity to spend a day in the old town offering architectural beauty you will never forget.
Enter through Michael’s gate, walk through the winding streets to discover the  Franciscan Square, St.
Martin’s Cathedral and Primate Palace and stop to take a picture with the man in the hole or with Nelson leaning over you when you sit on the bench in Main Square.
Taste the local food at very reasonable prices while you receive a very warm welcome by the locals.


Feel green and close to nature as you investigate the Vienna Woods, where you will proceed to the Mayerling Hunting Lodge, popular for the scandal attached to it.  We will proceed to Heiligenkreuz, the place where the impressive 12th century convent is located.  Upon arrival to Seegrotte, put time aside for a unique underground boat trip through tunnels on an underground lake, the biggest in Europe.  This will help you relax while taking in uncommon spectacular scenery before you start your journey back home.


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