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Best of Salento - Apulia

Best of Salento - Apulia

Southern italy


Durations5 Days

Day 1

Our journey begins at Malta International Airport, meeting at 09:00 for Malta Air flight FR7108 departing at 11:20 to Bari Airport, with arrival at 12:40. From Bari, we'll proceed by coach to Salento, specifically the enchanting city of Lecce in the Apulia region. Before reaching Lecce, we'll explore Brindisi with our guide, visiting the historic center, the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, Corso Garibaldi, Roman Column, the port, the Civil monument Al Marinaio, and Corso Roma. Upon entering Lecce, we'll check into the centrally located 4-star Hotel President. The evening will feature our first outing with the leader, followed by dinner at the hotel.


Day 2

We will kick off with breakfast, and we'll embark on a foot tour of Lecce, often called "Firenze Del Sud." Highlights include the Baroque Leccese stone artwork in the Basilica of Santa Croce, the cathedral-churches of San Matteo and Santa Chiara (extra entry), Piazza Sant'Oronzo, the Roman Theater, and Giardini Guzeppe Garibaldi. In the afternoon, we'll take a coach to the coastal city of Otranto, exploring its beautiful views, Aragonese Castle, Belvedere Bastioni, and the 12th-century Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Annunciata. We'll return to Lecce.

capo di santa maria

Day 3

Promises a wonderful day with an excursion to Ponte Ciolo, appreciating its historical and environmental significance. The coach will then take us to Capo di Santa Maria Di Leuca, the southernmost tip of the Salento Peninsula. We'll explore the Sanctuary, Lighthouse, La Scalinata Monumentale, and the Roman Column. Continuing to Lungomare Colombo, we'll enjoy a stroll between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The journey proceeds to the Gallipoli peninsula, exploring the historic island, visiting the Cathedral of Sant'Agatha, Angioino Castle, and Lungomare Marconi. We'll also visit Porto Cesareo along the Ionian Sea. The day concludes with personal free time or an evening tour with the leader in Leccese streets.

Day 4

This day will take us to Francavilla Fontana, known as the Imperial city, with a guided tour of Via Roma, Villa Comunale, Porta Del Carmine, Torre del Orologio, Piazza Umberto, Basilica del Rosario, and Castello Imperiali. After free time, we'll travel to the coastal city of Taranto, exploring its old part on a small island with highlights like the Cappellone of San Cataldo, Lungo Mare, Aragonese Castle, Ponte Girevole, Palazzo Governo, and shopping in Via d'Aquino. We'll return to Lecce for another evening outing with the leader.


Day 5

After breakfast, we'll load our luggage and bid farewell to Lecce, embarking on a journey to explore the hidden gem of Salento, the coastal city of Monopoli on the Adriatic Sea. The leader will guide us through highlights like Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Porto Vecchio, the Cathedral, and the historic center. After free time, we'll head to Bari airport for the Malta Air flight FR9874 departing at 16:20, with arrival back in Malta at 17:40.


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