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Valle D'Aosta

Valle D'Aosta



Durations8 Days

The First Day

We gather at Malta's international airport at 10:30 in preparation for flight KM624, which takes off at 12:45. At 14:35, we arrive at the Milan airport. Coach transportation to Valle D'Aosta, an area of stunning Italian valleys and mountains. Accommodation In the heart of Aosta is the 4-star Hotel Omama Social. The layout of the rooms and a leader-led excursion close to the hotel, which is convenient and has a number of restaurants.


Day Two

 Following a breakfast buffet, tour Geneve, Switzerland, with us. Together with the tour guide, we view Geneva's opulent buildings, which are home to several international headquarters, including the WHO, Red Cross, and United Nations Building. Our walk takes us around the largest lake in central Europe, Lake Geneva, where we can see the 150-meter-tall Jet D'Eau fountain. We also witness the 'English Garden,' one of this city's most exquisite parks, with its vibrant flower-filled streets and clock constructed of real flowers. following free time for individual sightseeing and shopping. We head back to the lodging.


Day Three

Together, we explore Aosta, a charming town in the Valle D'Aosta region dubbed the "Rome of the Alps." Aosta is home to numerous churches, monuments, and the well-known Piazza Émile Chanoux. We will tour historical sites including the Augustus Arch, Porta Pretoria, Sant'Orso Complex, and the church in Aosta. During our free time, you can visit a market where you can get everything you desire. We carry on with our tour to the popular resort of Breuil-Cervinia, which is adorned with breathtaking landscapes of glaciers. We pause to take in the view and explore the area.
We carry on to San Vincent, which is well-known for the Casino Della Valle, and we pause there for some sightseeing. Additionally, we visit the grappa factory, where we can watch how it is made, taste it, and have enough time to shop there. 


Day Four

We are providing you with the most fascinating tour available today for the stunning Piedmont capital, Torino. During our city tour, we will see the magnificent Palace Royal, Palazzo Madama, the cathedral, Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma, Piazza Castello, the Mole Antonelliana, the tallest building in the city, and the cathedral—where Christ's bed is kept—among the city's other notable sights. Next, we proceed to the Superga Basilica, which is the creation of the renowned Juvarra.


Day Five

Located in the Haute area of the French Alps, Chamonix is a charming ski resort.
Savioe is waiting for you to find it! We take a tour of the typical boutique streets and stunning structures. At an additional cost, climbers can reach a height of (3482) 3842 metres atop the mountain Aguille De Midi. Savour a traditional dinner and a fine wine before we depart for Courmayeur, an Italian resort. Another location with a long history and a tradition of skiing champions. With the breathtaking view of Monte Bianco all around you, Courmayeur captivates you. We find it by making a diversion to Via Roma on foot and stopping inside the famed "Caffe Dekka Posta" of the cafe. Returning  Back to the hotel and in the evening.


Day Six

Following a morning buffet, we will treat you to a fantastic tour of Great Britain's Paradiso Park, the Savoia family's hunting woodland. Here are stunning vistas, rivers, mountains, and woods to behold. Numerous streams of water continue to drop to the valleys of Dora Boltea. We'll also witness a variety of creatures, including eagles, chamois, and ibex.There are three lovely waterfalls that are 150 metres high in the town of Lillaz. Nestled amidst captivating surroundings is the town of Cogne. We stroll around to appreciate this location's splendour.


Day Seven

Following a morning buffet, we go to the city of Annecy to see the breathtaking French Alps. During our tour of the city, we stopped to admire the historical sites' stunning old city architecture. This is the best treasure in the city because of the Palais de l'lle, St. Pierre Cathedral, St. Francis Church, castle, and canals. During our leisure time, we can go shopping, take in the scenery, or embark on an optional boat around the stunning Lake Annecy. You should definitely take a tour around the lake! Dinner at the hotel is next.

gran paradiso

Day Eight

After breakfast it's time to say goodbye to Valle d'Aosta and all of our wonderful experiences. We head to Linate airport in time for flight KM627, which leaves Milan at 15:40 and returns to Malta at 17:30.


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