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Discover the Wonders of Abruzzo

Discover the Wonders of Abruzzo



Durations6 Days

Saturday: Exploring Avezzano and Pescara

Flight to Rome Airport and Avezzano Exploration 

Begin the trip to Abruzzo with a flight to Rome Airport. Our first stop is Avezzano, a bustling commercial and agricultural city in the Marsica area. Accompanied by a tour leader, discover the Castello Orsini Colonna, Piazza Torlonia, Via Roma, Via Camillo Corradini, Piazza Risorgimento, and Duomo San Bartolomeo. Enjoy some free time before continuing to Pescara.

Pescara Arrival and Leisure Time 

Upon arrival in Pescara, arrange accommodations and join an outing led by the tour leader.



Sunday: Lanciano and Agritutismo Experience

Exploration in Lanciano 

Start the day with breakfast followed by an excursion to Lanciano. Explore Piazza del Plebiscito, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Ponte, Sanctuary of St. Francis, Teatro Comunale, Corso Trento e Trieste, and Villa Delle Rose. Then head to an 'Agritutismo' for a meal amidst olive trees and vineyards.

Chieti Discovery 

Continue the journey to Chieti, a city nestled under Mount Maiella. Discover the historic center, including Largo Cavallerizza and Palazzo di Giustizia, and enjoy free time for shopping along Corso Maruccino.



Monday: Caves and Aquila Attractions

Grotte di Stiffe and Shopping 

Depart for Grotte di Stiffe in San Demetrio ne'Vestini to explore the caves and their unique formations. Later, stop at Centro Commerciale Globo for shopping and dining.

City Tour in Aquila 

Visit Aquila to explore attractions like Monumento dei Caduti, Corso Federico II, Piazza del Duomo, Fontana Luminosa, and Forte Spagnolo. Enjoy free time before returning to Pescara and an evening outing with the leader.



Tuesday: Gran Sasso and San Gabriel Sanctuary

Gran Sasso Adventure 

Embark on a journey to the highest peak of the Apennines, "Gran Sasso," renowned for its scenic beauty and skiing spots. Experience international film locations and take a Funivia (extra) at Fonte Cerreto for stunning views at Belvedere Osservatorio Astronomico.

San Gabriel Sanctuary and Teramo Visit 

Head to San Gabriel Sanctuary in Teramo, a popular pilgrimage site, to explore the Basilica, old Chapel, and tomb. Return through mountainous landscapes to Pescara.



Wednesday: Sulmona Exploration

Sulmona Sightseeing 

Visit Sulmona, celebrated for its beauty in Abruzzo. Explore Porta Napoli, Corso Ovidio, Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza of XX Settembre, and the Ovid statue. Later, visit a museum featuring "Confetti Pelino" candy machines (extra). In the evening, head to Lungomare Colombo.

grotto de stiffe


Thursday: Leisure in Pescara and Departure

Relaxation in Pescara 

Enjoy breakfast and free time for relaxation in Pescara, one of the most picturesque seaside resorts on the Adriatic.


Return Journey 

Depart for Fiumicino to catch the return flight to Malta.

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