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Bella Italia

Bella Italia


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Ruma, Orvieto, Viterbo, Assisi, Riccione, Ravenna,   Rimini, San Marino,

Padova, San Dona Di Piave,  Cortina D’Ampezzo, Venice....


Bella Italia

Land in the romantic city of Rome, a city referred to many times as the eternal city for many reasons.
Head straight to the historical sites and start congratulating yourself for the good choice you made in choosing this tour.
Imagine the gladiators fighting other gladiators, wild animals or condemned criminals in the Colesseum.
Approach the Castel Sant’ Angelo from the bridge, to get the best cylindrical view of the building before you roam about in its grounds to take more pictures of the amazing scenery.  Proceed to the largest Catholic Marian Church in Rome, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and admire its location and architecture.  Don’t miss out on the panoramic views from the white monument, referred to by most as the ‘wedding cake’, the grand monument of Vittorio Emanuele.
Lazy about at Piazza Venezia, named after Palazzo Venezia and if you can spare time, go up the staircase at the side to have a bird’s eye view of the square while embracing the landscapes of Villa Borghese.  If, on the other hand, you are on a shopping spree, Via Corso starts from this beautiful square, just as Via Nazionale  does and which, likewise is very lively.  Continue walking the animated path at Piazza Navona while admiring the artists busy at their artistic work.  Pose against Fontana di Trevi and throw your small change in the fountain to ensure a coming back.
Feel the holiness of the place when you visit the Vatican, and go along with the Maltese saying that once in Rome you must pay a visit to the Pope.


Travel to the proximate, small city of Orvieto, resting on a rock cliff, inviting you to its historical background.  Wander around the winding, colourful, narrow alleys until you stumble on the Duomo di Orvieto, the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria, the mosaic facade being an attraction in itself.  Look out for that particular, quaint, little restaurant to be able to enjoy the delicious, Italian cuisine.  Spend the second part of the day at another very welcoming city, Viterbo.
Again, accompany your tour leader around the city and make a coffee stop at Piazza della Rocca where you can relax and why not, maybe pose for some more photos.

Journey to the birthplace of St.
Francis, one of the most popular religious destinations and take pleasure in the striking beauty of the town of Assisi.  Make two important stops, one at the Porziuncola, the small Catholic Church forming part of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and another one at the Basilica of Saint Francis.

Navigate your way to the third smallest country in Europe, the Republic of San Marino, located on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains.  Look out for  the San Marino Castle at the top of the hill.
Time your visit to the Palazzo Pubblico to see the changing of the guards.
March to the Basilica del Santo, a pristinely preserved praying quarters at Piazzale Domus Plebis.  Use the free time available on your hands to have a light lunch and engage in some personal sightseeing.

Allocate a morning in the region of Emilia-Romagna, in the fascinating city of Ravenna.
Appreciate the mosiac masterpieces in significant buildings.  Get lost in this charming city and make stops for additions in your photo album when you come across one of the numerous fountains, monuments and squares.  Prepare yourself for some delicate shopping at the biggest shopping complex in the region, at Le Befane Shopping Complex.

Continue your journey across Italy’s most popular towns and villages and stop at the Basilica of Saint Anthony where his relics lie in the wonderful city of Padua.
Enjoy the byzantine style domes of this dominant building and the rich frescoes which add to the richness of this Holy place.
Travel on to your new accomodation location at San Dona De Piave.

Take a break from monuments, churches and busy city life and enjoy a day at the picturesque village of Cortina D’Ampezzo, a very renouned ski resort boasting the striking scenery of the Dolomites.
Once you are ready from exploring the little village with your tour leader, get on a cable car to actually feel the true spirit of the Dolomites.

Once you have inhaled enough fresh air and memorized the enchantment the mountain offers, travel to Lake Misurina, a 2.5km lake.  Pray that the weather holds so that you will be able to take equisite pictures of the reflection of the mountainous surroundings in the lake.

Acquaint yourself with the enchanted city of Venice, the city of canals and bridges.
Take out your camera once again and stand on the Ponte Realto and snap a memory with the Grand Canal and floating Venetian gondolas as background.  While mentioning bridges, why not take another one with Ponte Dei Sospiri, the bridge made of white limestone having windows with stone bars.
Dying for a coffee? The best place to take one would be in Piazza San Marco with a view of the imposing Palazzo Ducale on one side and San Marco Cathedral on the other side.
And why not, maybe after you have refreshed, you may wish to go up to the Campanile di San Marco for a bird’s eye view of the romantic city.
Before you depart, put aside time to have a nice stroll along the waterfront promenade at the Riva degli Schiavoni.

Fall in love with the last city you will explore, the underestimated city of Verona.  Speaking of love, do not forget this is the city of Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers who were ready to give up their lives for their love.
Be reminded of the Colessum in Rome when you set foot at the Arena Romana, an amphitheatre in Piazza Bra.  Walk to Piazza dei Signori, keenly feeling the city’s political power from the Middle Ages and meet the Scaligeri Palaces.  The clock is ticking for your return to home sweet home but not before you enjoy the pedestrian Via Mazzini and grab the last Italian souvenir.




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