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Grand Tour of Russia

Grand Tour of Russia

Grand tour of

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Visiting : Moscow, Kremlin, Zagorsk, Sergiyev Pasad, St Petersburg, Pushkin, Petrodvorets....



Pack your bags, you are off to Russia, the largest country of the world!  On your arrival, you will be transferred and checked in at the Hotel Borodino 4 star in the city centre of Moscow.
Your first excursion will take you straight up to Sparrow Hills, previously referred to as Lenin Hills,  to enjoy a birds eye view of the panoramic city of Moscow.
Proceed to Moscow University, a gigantic set of buildings, the main one being the highest of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow.
Each building in Moscow is an architectural treasure and this is so much reflected in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, classified as the tallest Orthodox Christian Church in the world.  The War Memorial is a sight not to be missed.
Astonishingly wonderful is the metro station.
Walking through it feels like you are walking through the vast spaces of a palace where marble, granite, stained glass, huge crystal chandeliers and sculptures are the order of the day.


Anticipate architectural wonders when you visit the Kremlin Cathedrals in the heart of Moscow.  Your jaw will drop at the stunning treasures exhibited at the Armoury Chamber.
Take a picture against the Tsar Bell, commonly referred to as the Royal Bell and another one against the Tsar Cannon, just a minute walk away.
At the Red Square, you will come across Lenin’s Mausoleum, also known as Lenin’s Tomb.
Later, visit Old Arba Street, the most famous street in Moscow.


Look forward to contrasting colours at the city of Zagorsk, known more as Sergiyev Posad.
A local guide will lead you to the most impressive, historical places with incredible architecture.
The monastery of the Holy Trinity of St.
Sergius is of great importance since St.
Sergius is the patron Saint of Russia.


Using the train as a means of transport, arrive at the great city of St.
Petersburg where you are immediately escorted to the Peterhof Palace, in reality multiple palaces, each with its beautiful, surrounding engineered gardens, bridges and numerous fountains.  This ‘Russian Versailles’ has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
In a nutshell, a place to remember forever.
Lodging would be in the historical building of Hotel Vedensky 4 star.


Discover the city of St.
Petersburg, a port city on the Baltic Sea and once the capital of Russia.
Stop for a coffee in Dvortsovaya Square, easier referred to as the Palace Square.
For over three centuries, Palace Square remains the main public space embracing magnificent, architectural buildings.
Spend time admiring the pompous Neva River.
Count on enjoying yourself at the citadel of Peter and Paul, used as a prison in the early 20th century.
Visit the lavish St.
Isaac Cathedral, where gold and red marble mix together.


Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, you are going to experience different thoughts, feelings and emotions while you move about the Hermitage Museum where the work of the great artists, amongst them Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens and Van Gogh come together.  Finish off your day relaxing on a cruise while admiring the most beautiful bridges, palaces and gardens.


Visit Pushkin with the sole purpose in mind to experience the overwhelming, grandeur found at  Catherine’s Palace, Catherine being Peter the Great’s wife who ruled the country for two years after her husband’s death.
The splendour present is all merited to Catherine whose main aim was that to be remembered.
Before you leave Russia, make sure you join the group in an evening of entertainment of folklore music to admire not just the music but also the gliterring costumes.





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