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Georgia & Armenia

Georgia & Armenia

Europe / asia

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Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Uplistikhe, Borjom, Rabati, Vardzia,
Bakuriani, Bavra, Amberd, Saghmosavank, Yerevan, Sevan, Dilijan...



Time to venture to the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia to discover the wonders of two beautiful countries full of history, culture and many natural attractions.  Georgia & Armenia are calling you, so pack up your bags, get set and let’s go!


Board one of the aircrafts of the Turkish airlines, an airline which has been ranking very high for many years due to the sterling service offered on board.  On arrival at the centrally located, very comfortable 4 star Hotel in Tbilisi, you will be checked in and asked to get a rest to re-energise for the lovely package we have put together for your leisure.


Explore the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, a city which waits for you with open arms.
Find yourself in one of the most instagrammable historical quarters you will have ever laid eyes on.  Get lost in the twisting alleys and be fascinated by the wooden balconies, very characteristical of this quaint city.
Venture further on to Shardeni Street, a pedestrian area where social activity interweaves with culture.
 Be transported back to the 12th century when you find yourself at the edge of the rocky bank of the Kura, marvelling at the Metekhi Temple, an ancient monument which makes the city proud.
Turn around and be faced with the imposing, equestrian statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, giving you the feeling that he is ready to depart on his horse.  Get truly in touch with Georgian culture at the flea market, better known as the Dry Bridge.
Haggle over the price for that something memorable to take home from the city.  Complete the city tour by visiting the Trinity Cathedral and the Metekhi Church.   Hop on the cable car at Rike Park to visit Narikala Fortress and the ancient district of Tbilisi, Abanotubani.  Look forward to the Folklore show in the evening to give you a true experience of the Goergian culture.


Get ready to set foot on more of the beautiful, large cities Georgia has to offer.
Relaxed on the coach, you will make your way to Mtskheta, an ancient city with an abundance of history.  Your first stop will take you to the unique cave town of Uplistsikhe where pagan and Christian architecture come together.  Proceed to Borjomi, the town after which mineral water, one of the main exports, is named.  Grab the opportunity to taste the mineral water right from its source.  Get lost in the diversity of the rich flora and fauna of the Borjomi National Park and pose for a photo against the historical monuments you come across.


Travel back in time to the well preserved Fortress of the Akhaltsikhe town overlooking the Potskhovi River.  Head on to Vardzia, often referred to as the underground cave city, with its historical excavations  dating back to the second half of the twelfth century.


Drive to Bavra, which is one of three borders between the countries of Georgia and Armenia.  Cross the threshold to the second part of your trip, set foot on Armenian ground, where the adventure continues by proceeding to the city of Gyumri, formerly known at Alexandropol.  Looking for authentic urban Armenian architecture? Find it in Kumayri, the oldest part of Gyumri, where it dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries and where it has survived two major earthquakes.   


Divert yourself away from the hectic city and take the only road which leads you to the   the solitary fortress of Amberd, located on Mount Aragats.  Be part of the mysteries from its past and learn about the excavations which unrevealed many underground walkways leading to rivers and the still edible, lavash bread dating back to the 12th century.  Aquire knowledge about  Tamerlane, the violent ruler, who invaded Armenia, burnt down people’s homes and looted treasures from the temples when you visit the monastery complex of Saghmosavank.  Advance to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and make your way to the impressive Republic Square, located right at the centre of the city.  Be enchanted by the famous singing fountains, collectively a main attraction of the square which enhances the architectural beauty of the nearby buildings.  Discover more of the city, it’s coffee culture, the narrow streets as opposed to wide avenues, get close to the buildings of Parliament, the President’s Palace and the Opera.
Anticipate the glory and beauty of the Cascade complex  and Mountain Ararat.  Set time aside to walk through the Armenian central market.
Get curious at the Megeryan carpet factory and marvel at how it’s made, starting from the weaving to the application of colour technique.


Don’t miss out on the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded  temple in Armenia, the Temple of Garni.
Take a few minutes to capture the Charents Arch, named after a poet whose poem about Armenia’s true love and pride made it to the top.
Make sure that your camera is charged not to miss out on the spectacular view of the Biblical mountain.
Be stunned by the marvellous scenery around you once you reach the ruins of the Royal Palace and Royal bath house, another perfect example of peace and quiet.
But that’s not all, you still remain to be dazed by the result of volcanic eruptions as you explore the Garni Canyon.
Away from nature and right into the home of the villagers, you will be welcomed to have a first hand experience of lavish baking and taste the Armenian homemade food accompanied by fruity vodka and wine.  With your belly full, visit the medieval Geghard Monastery where the ‘Holy Spear’ is exhibited, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, another must see!  Before you end your day’s expedition, join us at the city of Etchmiadzin, the city which is known as Vagharshapat, the holy city.


Engage in a fully packed day starting at the Ararat Valley, the largest plains in the Armenian Highlands.  Stop at the Khor Virap, translated to ‘deep dungeon’ for a beautiful session of photography.  Meet the local musician, who passionately interacts with the tourists to enlighten them with the history of it all.  Be thrilled with a second canyon experience, this time depicting red rocks, a view which you will totally be able to enjoy at the place we stop you for lunch, followed by a visit to a winery in one of the Areni Villages.  Finish off your day by making a presence at the Armenian Stonehenge at the Zorats Karer, home to many, from prehistoric to medieval civilizations.


Join other tourists on the aerial tramway which will transport you to the Tatev Monastery, twelve minutes of bountiful, extraordinary wonderful nature above the Vorotan River.  Take the Selim Pass Caravansary and imagine you are a silk trader travelling to sell your goods and stopping at one of the inns to rest.
Journey to the one of a kind,  open air museum of Khackar making art in Noratus and see the many Armenian secrets unreveal infront of your eyes.  Pray for good weather to take picturesque shots of the vast blue expanse of Lake Sevan.  Finish off your day with another good taste of medieval Armenian architecture when setting foot on the Sevanavank Monastery.



Feast your eyes on the allure of the ever changing environment while travelling the mountanious road to Dilijan, the town which has often been referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Armenia’.   Explore the core of the town and see from up close the art of working with different mediums, as pieces of wood, stone and ceramic are moulded into beautiful handicrafts.  Find yourself at  the Haghartsin Monastery complex which is well secluded in the forest before you start your trip back to the comfort of your hotel.


Return to the gorgeous Georgia and head straight to the Kakheti region, popular for its vineyards and fine wineries.  Look forward to discover the city of love, Signagi, an ancient city typical of Georgian heritage where just 2 km away you will encounter the equisite complex of the Monastery of St.


All good things come to an end but not before you anticipate another day of adventure, a cocktail of historical encounters, natural beauty entwined with an atmosphere of pristine holiness.  Your first call will be at the castle complex on the Aragvi River, followed by the drive on the Jvari Pass.
Interact with a local family as they receive you in their home and taste the traditional Georgian dish, the Khinkali.
Hop on the 4x4 vehicles and make your way up the mountain to the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church.


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